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My first Misotama experience!

天神 Tenjin

Hi, this is Tracy! Do you know what Misodama is? It is a kind of instant soup made of Miso with various ingredients. Back to Warring States Period, Samurai used to eat Misodama during their long battles, because it was easy to preserve (usually 2 weeks or longer), and delicious as well.

Nowadays, Misodama is also popular among housewives. You can add your preferred toppings into Misodama and make the mixture into a sphere. You can make a bowl of soup with a piece of tasting art by watching the Misodama melting. And today we had a Misodama workshop and let's make our own Misodama!

First, put miso, bonito powder, and dried kelp flakes in a bowel, and mix them. This is the fish stock for miso soup.

Then, add your favorite ingredients, like tired wakame (seaweed), soya-tofu (freeze-dried tofu), cut deep-fried tofu, dried green onion, or Fu (breadlike piece of wheat gluten), into the mixture.

Next, divide the mixed ingredients into several parts, and make them into sphere shape. You could dip into different kinds of toppings as you like! This time, we have cut dried shrimp, grinned black sesame, colorful small rice crackers and dried sea lettuce. After decoration, you will get your own Misodama!
Finally, let's have a taste of it! Put a Misodama in a small bowl, pour 150cc of hot water, and melt it. Wow, yummy! Eat with rice, it will be more tasty!

Look! This is my Misodama! Why not come to SUiTO Fukuoka to make your own Misodama? You will have enjoyable time here!

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