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Greeting Japanese Calligraphy

This is something that I have been doing since I was working as a salesman, and so I started this company.

This thing is a response to a customer's request. It has been 15 years, but this mind created our sophisticated and various serves in deed. This made ours the company which we are focusing on the demands of customers and responding to that. Our goal is that customers appreciates our services and that employee can have a feeling that the employee is to rely on. And we would like to build our team so that it helps each member of EAST to become a dependable company where allows the customers a partner in our business.

No matter how a society changes, there are somethings that make people and companies confused and uncomfortable. To be able to find a way to solve those problem, we should stand together with our customers. In the outsourcing business, which is one of East's main areas, the proximity to our customers has allowed us to clearly hear their opinions. This made a more accurate understanding of their needs and a better provision of solutions possible.

Also, our environment is to nurture the staff with the same purpose, consciousness and viewpoint as our customers, The creation that the staff creates and provides better solution service is the foundation and the strength of our company.

I would like to be a company that will continue to make this circulation a little higher quality, without being satisfied with the current situation.

In order to remain a customer's most familiar partner "Team EAST" We will continue to devote more and more effort to solve various problems while always absorbing customer's voice.

株式会社イースト 代表取締役 長島 秀晃

株式会社イースト 代表取締役
Hideaki Nagashima


1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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