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About SUiTO FUKUOKA find things to do in Fukuoka


Welcome to Fukuoka

The city of Fukuoka was ranked within the top 10 "most livable" cities by the English magazine “Monocle”. Surrounded by nature, compact, and famous for its delicious food, Fukuoka certainly has a lot more things to offer! Starting from August 8th, “SUiTO FUKUOKA” will have two roles: the first one will be to make foreigners visiting Fukuoka feel the “suito” (love) by offering traditional Japanese experiences starting with the cultural heritage of the Kyushu area. Our second duty will be to make residents able to confidently make recommendations on what they “suito” in their city. The dialect from Hakata is the most liked out of all of the Japanese dialects, and this is why we chose to make “suito” our keyword: we want to make both residents and foreigners like Fukuoka the same way they like the dialect.

Tourist information

SUiTO FUKUOKA is a qualified tourist information center approved by JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) providing visitors trustworthy advice on what to see and do in Fukuoka. We provide brochures and flyers in English, Korean, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. We offer sightseeing spots and give directions with Maps on iPad. An on-site English speaking staff is available. Korean-speaking staff is also available on request.


Experience booking

SUiTO FUKUOKA visitors are always pleased with the unforgettable experiences that can be experienced nowhere else. We offer fun activities like Sushi making, taught by our Japanese chef. If you are allergic to specific food or you have a religious dietary restriction to food, let us know in advance. We also provide unique group activities such as takoyaki making or Hakata doll painting. Origami folding, furoshiki wrapping and calligraphy experiences take only 45 minutes. Multilingual interpreters are available for option (reservation necessary).


Japanese restaurant

In contrast to the buzzling streets of Daimyo, our Japanese restaurant is a stylish and peaceful space where you can relax from a busy day of sightseeing or shopping. Our Japanese Chef prepares a variety of dishes made with fresh, local fish and beef as well as seasonal vegetables. We have counter seats, imitating Fukuoka’s Yatai culture, table seats and a Japanese tatami room (reservation needed). Have a taste of Fukuoka with your partner, friends or family!


Rental space

SUiTO FUKUOKA's rental space includes a Japanese tatami room, a seminar room and a kitchen.
We are located in the trendy Tenjin/Daimyo area and are only a 5 min walk away from Nishitetsu Tenjin station.
The Japanese tatami room measures 8.2㎡ and is suitable for calligraphy classes, tea ceremonies, reunion parties, writing classes and many more occasions. We also provide a low table and cushions for sitting.
The seminar room measures 51㎡ and is equipped with 8 desks and 20 chairs. It offers space for about 50 people. Our seminar room is suitable for various kinds of meetings, yoga classes, workshops and parties during that involve cooking. The desks can be arranged in various ways like a class room style or in the shape of an U. We also provide a white board and markers for free. We offer microphones, a speaker and a projector for rent as well. The kitchen can be rented along with the seminar or Japanese room for cooking classes. The kitchen is equipped with an induction stove on which you can place 3 pots at once and a refrigerator​. We also provide bowls, plates and various cooking utensils.


Luggage service

Travelling with a huge baggage is very inconvenient and tiring. Coin lockers at a nearby station and airport are always full and no lockers are big enough for your baggage. Our baggage cloak accepts any size of your baggage. SUiTO FUKUOKA is located in the easily accessible Tenjin-Daimyo area. First, register to "ecbo cloak" and make a reservation through the app. We will keep your baggage on the booking date. Enjoy strolling around the city with no baggage!

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Access 3F Fukuoka Daimyo Building, 1-15-27, Daimyo, Chuo-ku ,Fukuoka city
Phone number 092-724-1055 (English, Japanese)
Opening hours We’re open every day from 9am to 6pm.


1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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