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how to book

Make your own porcelain vessel on pottery wheel (Itoshima area)

Make your own porcelain vessel on pottery wheel (Itoshima area)

Hosted by Itoshima pottery experience Shima-kobo (糸島陶芸体験志摩工房)

  • children 3,500 JPY / guest
    adult 3,500 JPY / guest

  • ages 8 and over
  • 1.5 hours total
  • Offered in Japanese

What we will do

You will make a vessel with porcelain clay on the wheel. Porcelain clay is known for its pure white color after firing. Arita ware and Imari ware are well known porcelain ceramics. It is quite difficult to manage using soft clay on the wheel and you might not get what you wanted, but this handmade only one pottery will sure be a special piece for you.

■Schedule■ (starting at 11:00am)

10:55 Meet at the atelier

11:00   Reception

11:15   Preperation

11:20   Demonstration and explanation of work 

11:25   Work

12:15   End of experience

12:20   Deciding color and details

13:25   Payment(for additional fee)

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About your host

Studied under Taizo Kuroda, a white porcelain artist. Moved his atelier in Itoshima in 2018. 
Dishes are tools, we enjoy "watching" and "using", but I would like to add one more word, "making".  I run a workshop besides my art work so that people can enjoy and learn more about pottery. 

Itoshima pottery experience Shima-kobo (糸島陶芸体験志摩工房)

What your host will provide

Materials, tutoring, firing for one piece

■Up to 7 peoople can experience wheel throwing at the same time. We offer pottery experience using porcelain clay which is famous for Arita-ware, Hasami-ware and Kutani-ware. 

1 - 7 guest

The above is number of people who can apply.

This activity will be held regardless of weather conditions.

Cancellation policy

On the same day 100%, the day before 50%, 2 days before 0%

Go to Application form


■Put on clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Hair pin if necessary (It is recommended that you cut your nails short before the experience.)

■It will take about 90days to fire and finish your piece.  Shipping fee is not included in this experience.

■Additional firing and retouching are optional.




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1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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