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how to book

Stroll Hakata town getting on Jinrikisha and in Kimono

Stroll Hakata town getting on Jinrikisha and in Kimono

Hosted by jinrikiya × Mine Cube

  • 10,530 JPY / guest
  • 1.5 hours total
  • Offered in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese

What we will do

Wear stylish Kimono and stroll Hakata town getting on Jinrikisha, vehicle of Japanese origin. You would have special feeling by getting on Jinrikisha to see business buildings and historical Hakata city views at the same time. You can take memorial photos on Jinrikisha at temple and shrine area in Hakata.

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About your host

■ Kimono dressing

The kimono shop located in Kawabata market street, historical market street in Fukuoka. Rental fee include goods for kimono, so you can feel easy to wear kimono without any preparation. We sell Japanese goods, so you can also enjoy shopping, too.

■ Jinrikisha Hakata

Jinrikisha store started this service from 1996 (8 of Heisei). This is the only place where you can experience the Jinrikisha. People love this Jinrikisha because it reminds elder people of old good memories, for children and young people as a new and rare vehicle, with comfortable riding.

jinrikiya × Mine Cube

What your host will provide

■ Experience Kimono dressing: Zouri (Japanese sandals for kimono), goods such as small bag

Yukata dressing: Obi (belt for yukata), Kinchaku (a bag for yukata), and Geta (wooden clog)

■ Jinrikisha : A special postcard

1 - 2 guest

The above is number of people who can apply.

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, anytime we open!

Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee: ■50% of the price (From 3 days before to 6pm the previous day of your booking) ■100% of the price (after 6pm of the previous day, and on the day you book)

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■ Price with consumption tax included.

■ Reservation accepted by 3:00pm of the day before.

■ This experience will be held on weekdays.

■ Yukata -  One Jinrikisha(Pulled rickshaw) for one person:10,530yen One Jinrikisha(Pulled rickshaw)for two person:7,290yen per person 
  Kimono - One Jinrikisha(Pulled rickshaw) for one person:11,610yen One Jinrikisha(Pulled rickshaw)for two person:8,370yen per person

■ Kimono and yukata dressing.

Bring your undershirt during cold season.

Bring towels during summer season.

Kimono and yukata are prepared for people who the hight is 110 cm to 190 cm hight.

Zouri and Geta are prepared for the people who the shoe size is 27cm for women, 30cm for men.

If you would like to have your hair set, please go to a hairdresser after wearing kimono or yukata.

■ Jinrikisha The maximum weight is 150kg for one Jinrikisha.

■ Kimono dressing: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese.

■ Jinrikisha: Japanese (multiple language textbooks available).


Mine Cube 川端店


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1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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