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how to book

【Experience a Japanese traditional discipline】Zen meditation

【Experience a Japanese traditional discipline】Zen meditation

Hosted by Myorakuji

  • 2,700 JPY / guest
  • ages 10 and over
  • 1 hours total
  • Offered in English, Japanese

What we will do

Zen meditation experience is hold at Zen temple, which you will see who truely you are. Our monk will tell you how to do Zen meditation step by step. Forget about your busy days at en temple, the place where you can be calm and relax, and focus on mental concentration.

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About your host

Myorakuji temple is a temple of Rinzai-shyu. Their lesson tells us how to live in this nature, and concentrate yourself through a meditation. They call clarifying yourself "Satori"(spiritual awakening) and everyone trains themselves to achieve that level. Myorakuji was very important place during the term of transaction between Hakata(Fukuoka) and China.


What your host will provide


1 - 20 guest

The above is number of people who can apply.

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, anytime we open!

Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee: ■50% of the price (From 3 days before to 6pm the previous day of your booking) ■100% of the price (after 6pm of the previous day, and on the day you book)

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■ Price with consumption tax included.

■ Monday and Sunday only.

■ Reservation accepted until 15:00 the previous day. But if they accept to hold a wake until the previous day, this program might be cancelled on the next day.

■ Visit us with comfortable clothes. Please refrain from scanty outfits. Wearing sunglasses and a hat are not allowed.

■ Please let us know if you are disabled to walk.

■ Holidays: Obon holidays ( 8/5-8/17), Higan (3/12, 3/17-3/24, 4/1, 4/2, 9/23, 9/24) and the end of the year and New Year's holidays (12/30-1/7).




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1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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