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how to book

Kimono Dress-Up Course A (1 hour)

Kimono Dress-Up Course A (1 hour)


  • 3,240 JPY / guest
  • 1 hours total
  • Offered in English, Japanese

What we will do

We use Kimono that can be worn very quickly and easily, so you won’t have to rush or change your plans in order to include this activity in your schedule. We are using Kimono from the brand “WASOMI”. The fabric is light and wearing it will not be as tiring like it can be with usual Kimono. Our staff will take you to a nearby shrine to take some special souvenir pictures of you. 

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About your host

SUiTO FUKUOKA is a somewhat unusual tourist information center where local visitors are connected to foreigners. In addition to sightseeing information where bilingual staff reside, tea ceremonial style Café & Restaurant which can enjoy tea from 300 yen, Japanese language experience such as kimono and sushi, rental space. We are holding about six times a month, including events that allow you to experience Japanese culture casually and international parties. Of course Japanese people are welcome to participate! Please come and visit SUiTO once!


What your host will provide

Kimono, traditional sandals, socks, hair accessories

1 - 10 guest

The above is number of people who can apply.

Sunny, rainy, cloudy, we open anytime!

Cancellation policy

3 days before:50%; on the day: 100%

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■ Price includes tax consumption.

■ Unfortunately we can only provide Kimono for men and women, but not for children.

■ Please let us know your height, shirt size, and your shoe size when you send a reservation request.

■ Reservation accepted until 3:00pm the day before.




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1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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