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Iki's Local Cuisine: Iki Tofu Making Class

Iki's Local Cuisine: Iki Tofu Making Class

Hosted by Iki Kome Club

  • children 2,728 JPY / guest
    adult 2,728 JPY / guest

  • ages 6 and over
  • 2 hours total
  • Offered in Japanese

What we will do

Let's make tofu after a local recipe by using Iki's sea water!
In this cooking class, you will prepare soy beans that have been soaked in water over night by making a smooth paste with them in a food processor and mixer. Once finished with this step, you will wring the paste in a cloth. The wringed liquid will be heated in a pot and mixed with sea water that will make the liquid solid. Iki's tofu is very rich in flavor and smells of soy beans unlike bland, generic tofu. You will learn how to make Iki's tofu from local women. How about trying to make delicious tofu while chatting about life on Iki Island? 

10:00  Meeting / Greeting

10:05  Explanation about the cooking process

10:15  Starting cooking

11:15  Tasting

11:45  Cleaning up

12:00  End  

※The whole experience takes about 2 to 2.5 hours depending on number of participants 

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About your host

Ishida Noson Kankyokaizen Center (civic center): This facility is a civic center in Ishida-cho and has conference rooms of various sizes, a Japanese room, a kitchen for cooking classes, and an audiovisual room. The kitchen has 4 cooking counters. The facility can be used for a variety of purposes such as local gatherings or cooking classes. 
Ikitou Kaihatsu sogo Center (civic center): This civic center has various facilities such as an event hall, Japanese rooms and a kitchen. It also serves as a library. 

Iki Kome Club

What your host will provide

Iki-tofu making experience, tofu

4 - 25 guest

The above is number of people who can apply.

This activity will be held regardless of weather conditions.

Cancellation policy

2 days prior: 50% Same day: 100%

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■This activity is currently not available. We are planning to offer this activity again from April 2021. 

■【Tue~Sun】Ishida nouson kankyou kaizen Center:672-1 Ikidahigashifure, Ishida-cho, Iki-city  

■【Mon】Iki-shima kaihatsu Center:179-2moroyoshi ooishifure, ashibe-cho,Iki-city

■Reservation:7 days before

■Option ①Rice balls and Miso soup for additional 500 yen ②Iki Shochu (1 bottle/720ml) for additional 3,000 yen ③Fried tofu for additional 500 yen  (*All tax included)

■Please inform us of any allergies to soy beans in advance

■Children from elementary school (7 years) or older will be charged

■Last reception time is at 13:00 *The starting time is flaxible (9:00-13:00)

■Regular holidays: 10th -16th August, 20th Dec - 10th Jan 

■Bring your apron and head kerchief





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1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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