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Udon making workshop

天神 Tenjin

Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m currently doing an internship at SUiTO.
Yesterday I got the chance to myself make delicious Udon for the very first time by participating at the Udon workshop offered by SUiTO. I did not only enjoy the making of the Udon, but also savored the taste of my first homemade Japanese dish.
A TV team filmed the workshop in order to report about the Japanese culture experiences of SUiTO.
At the beginning we were organized in three groups, which was an easy task because we were nine participants (seven Japanese, one from England and me from Austria).
We started with the noodle dough. By hand we mixed a small amount of salt inside of lukewarm water and then poured the liquid in a bowl containing all-purpose flour. In my group I was the one to perform the funniest part, the mixing and kneading of the ingredients to a small ball. My hands were fully covered with dough and it was a hard task to get rid of the sticky mass.
Eventually the dough was in the form of a small ball and the real kneading started. To do so, we put the ball inside of a plastic bag, put a small towel onto it and started stamping on top of it with our feet like performing some kind of an ancient wine grinding method. Everybody enjoyed the full body work necessary to make utmost delicious Udon.
Afterwards the dough had to rest for some, so Shimizu-Sensei showed us how to expertly prepare the remaining parts of the meal. In order to make Tempura, two great burdock roots and one green onion were chopped, spiced with ginger and covered with tempura flour dough. One portion was carefully fried in a frying pan filled with already hot cooking oil for demonstration, while the rest had already been prepared. The broth consisted of hot water, in which kelp, dried sardines and dried bonito flakes were inserted. After cooking for a few minutes, all remaining solid ingredients were strained and the remaining liquid was seasoned with salt, light soy sauce and Mirin.
Subsequently, the dough was ready. After reshaping the dough to a smooth ball, we started to roll it out until most of our wooden working plate was hidden under the Udon-to-be. Shimizu-Sensei showed us how to fold it together and how to cut small noodle strips from it. During all those tasks, the use of additional weak flour prevented the dough from getting sticky.
After the noodles were cooked and flushed with water, they were served in a bowl with the broth and tempura.
After taking lots of pictures of the successfully prepared dish, everybody relished the taste of the delicious workshop result.

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