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Enjoy Fukuoka while having apicnic

天神 Tenjin

How about a “picnic” combined to a local experience in the city of Fukuoka? Bring a mat everywhere, and you will enjoy Fukuoka while having a picnic! That’s why we would like to introduce you some great spots to enjoy a picnic!
▷①New landmark of Tenjin!

The recent renewed Suijo Park in 2016 has some nice restaurant facilities, as well as a nice rooftop deck. Have a relaxing time on their lawn grass plots.

Address:Fukuoka city chuoku nishinakasu13
▷②Fun and delicious underground department gourmet stores!

Why not have an urban picnic in the middle of Tenjin! There are many gourmet underground department stores nearby, so why not have a luxurious picnic from time to time? Our recommendation: Hillside area ♪

Address:Tenjin 2-2 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city
▷③Enjoy Fukuoka green areas!

Tenjin has plenty of green areas! Playing Frisbee or ball games will make your picnic even more enjoyable!

Address:Tenjin 1-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city
▷④Famous water and green areas for tourists

※Source:Knitting life「Picnic in Ohori Park」
Thought a lot of people are running, you can enjoy a walk as well; observe birds, Japanese gardens and water boats. Find your ideal spot and have a picnic.

Ohori Park
Address:Ohori Park 1-2 in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city
▷⑤ Fukuoka castle ruins

Perfect spot for history lovers surrounded by 500 cherry trees. Having a picnic during the cherry blossom season is the best!

Maizuru Park
Address:Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Castle 1
▷⑥ River Bridge

Enjoy a wooden deck bridge just next to Hakata Riverain where Hakata River flows. No cars are allowed in this area so go a little downstairs along the river and have a relaxing time.

Address:Near Fukuoka City Hakata-ku Shimokawabata-cho
▷⑦Enjoy the port’s refreshing wind

What about enjoying a picnic while watching the ocean with shops and restaurant facilities nearby? Having a conversation while being blown by a refreshing wind is the best!

Address:Fukuokashihakataku tsukōhonmachi 13 − 6
▷⑧Nearby resort island

※Source:Fukuoka City
Go to an island filled with nature in 10 minutes by ferry, not far away from Fukuoka city center! It is a popular island for sea bathing and camping with many seasonal flowers. No doubt you will enjoy a picnic over there!

Address:Fukuokashi nishikuNoko
There are many other areas where you can enjoy a picnic such as nearby Fukukoa Zoo and botanical garden. We also recommend you to look for a great picnic spot with some take-out food.♪

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