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Have a taste of world famous Japanese beef in Fukuoka!

天神 Tenjin

World famous Japanese beef!!Japanese beef is well known for is taste, texture and flavor. Let us introduce you some places where you can taste delicious Japanese beef.
① Yakinuku restaurant operated by a farm owner

Japanese beef carefully selected from Izumi city, Kagoshima prefecture. An elegant and clean Yakiniku restaurant with a peaceful atmosphere where you can feel at home. Explanations about the different parts of the beef and the way of cooking the beef are well done.

TAIGEN (main building)
Address: Maizuru 3-1-8 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city
Phone number:092-752-1288
Open hours:17:00~24:00
②Imari Hamburger

Grill on the stone the meat by yourself and decide how you want to cook it.
The melting texture of the meat attracts lots of customers.
Give a try to their well-known soft cream as well!

Address:Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 2-11-1 Fukuoka Parco B1F
Phone number:092-235-7124
Open hours:11:00~23:00
Holidays:Same as FUKUOKA PARCO
③Taste rare part of fresh beef!!

Specialized BBQ restaurant (Meat directly delivered from Kagoshima Ozaki ranch)。Because the restaurant owns his farm, you can eat for a reasonable price rare parts of beef. The shop in itself has a luxurious feel so that you would not even think of a Yakiniku restaurant. A restaurant to go on a special day!

Specialized BBQ BAKURO
Address:Fukuoka city Chuo Ward Yakuin 3 - 12 - 41 1F
Phone number:092-406-1129
Open hours:Lunch:12:00〜14:00 Dinner:17:00〜23:00
④Seasonal taste of high quality beef from Miyazaki Prefecture

A restaurant that operates everything (Production; Breeding; Sales) and aim to be the bridge between farmers and customers with reasonable prices. You can enjoy seasonal seafood and vegetables from Miyazaki Prefecture as well.

Address:5-1 2 - 5 Nakasu, Hakata - ku, Fukuoka City Jay Park Nakasu Building 2F
Phone number:092-262-2914
Open hours:11:00~15:00・17:00~23:00
⑤A wagyu (Japanese beef) restaurant with 70 years of history

Originally started as butchery, the shop offers delicious sukiyaki with the desire to provide only fresh and tasty meat. The lunch set is very popular!

Address:Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Nakasu 3-7-4
Phone number:092-291-5560
Open hours:Restaurant(1F)11:30~14:00・17:00~22:00、Tatami room(2F~4F)11:00~23:00
⑥A classy restaurant in a tasteful shopping street

Though it looks like a restaurant, the establishment has 80 years of history and started as a specialized meat shop. Taste their carefully selected meat for sukiyaki and shabushabu!

Address:Sawara-ku, Fukuoka Nishijin 5-6-30 Hatsuki building 2nd floor
Phone number:092-833-5330
Open hours:Lunch 11:30~15:00、Dinner 17:00~24:00
⑦Come taste the oldest Chikuho beef!

The owner of the shop who is a meat lover wants you to enjoy delicious meat with wine and that's why the shop offers bottle of wine from all over the world and high quality Chikuho meat (Ranked A5).
Address:Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Hirao 2-2-25 Ippondi Mansion 1F
Phone number:092-523-1028
Open hours:lunch 12:00~14: 00 (Saturday & Sunday) g vv12:00〜14:30)、Dinner 18:00~23:30
⑧Butcher shop with a restaurant annex

High expectations come from the sophisticated appearance of the store. The interior of the shop is stylish as well. The owner will tell you everything about how to cut and cook the beef as well as the way of eating it. Enjoy delicious meat and sake while listening to JAZZ music!

La Boucherie SAMEJIMA
Address:3-4-19 Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city
Phone number:092-791-1740
Open hours:18:00~23:00
⑨High quality BBQ at a reasonable price!

The signboard indicates that it is the “cheapest high quality” BBQ in Fukuoka. Well, actually it is really cheap and delicious! The picture of the donburi Kuroge steak is quite impressive!

Address:Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Daimyo 2-12-17 Daimyo Crescendo 2F
Phone number:092-732-0022
Open hours:Lunch 11:30~14:00(except Sunday)、Dinner:17:00~24:00
Holidays:none (except year-end holiday)
⑩Great popularity with its value for money

We offer fresh meat carefully selected among Kyushu. You would feel like drinking more sake for the smell of the grilled beef and the smoke from a charcoal stove.

Address:1F・2FNishizono Building, 1-5-3 Hakataeki minami, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-483-0329
Open hours:17:30~23:00
Well you must be hungry after reading that article! Please enjoy Fukuoka prefecture beef!

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