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Bonjour! I’mthenew staff member, Romain.

天神 Tenjin

Hi everyone,

My name is Romain, I’m happy to announce you that I am joining SUiTO FUKUOKA’s team from today on.
I’m coming from a small city in the south-east of France, not too far from Avignon and his famous bridge. In 2010, I graduated in trade and management. I also have a diploma from the French conservatory (music academy) in Piano; unfortunately I haven’t so much opportunity to practice recently. I used to live in Northern Ireland where I’ve been working for Electonic arts, a major American video game company, and also in Brussels (Belgium) where I’ve been working for Neuhaus, the company who created the first Belgium chocolate known as “Praline”.

I moved to Fukuoka on the 7th of September and I can say that my first four months here have been really enjoyable. The city is very charming, there are many beautiful temples; Hakata and Tenjin are really convenient, you can enjoy many good restaurants and you will find plenty of boutiques for shopping lovers. Fukuoka is lovely and lively, there are lots of events organized in the numerous delightful parks. Everyone is friendly to me, also curious asking me about my country and my affinities with Japanese culture. I love the food here, I’m crazy about Ramen and Gyoza, I’m also experiencing a higher quality and freshness of the fish so I love to have fish bowls (Kaisendon / 海鮮丼), probably my favorite Japanese food of the moment.

For now on I will be helping at SUiTO Fukuoka coordinating events, assisting for translations, doing some promotion and general communication. I’ll be glad to assist you in French, English and I hope, in a near future, in Japanese that I’m studying heart and soul so I can experience Japan to its fullest. I’ll be please to meet you in both Canal city Lounge and Tenjin area. See you soon!

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