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Introducing unique coffee shops in Fukuoka

天神 Tenjin

There are plenty of stylish and delicious coffee shops in Fukuoka. Why not try an unusual experience as you visit Fukuoka? We will introduce unique and delicious coffee shops mainly located in the city center. Enjoy a different aspect of Fukuoka!
Relaxing time at Cat Cafe

Cats are freely and happily playing around you! Even though you are not fond of cats, you will for sure enjoy it! The café protected abandoned cats just before they were about to be culled, providing the guests with the opportunity to become their foster parents.

Address:Fukuoka City Chuo-ku Imaizumi 1-22-21 Jolis Building 4F
Phone number:092-721-0909
Open hours:11:30~21:00
Owl Café!


There are plenty of “animals’ café” but you’ll be definitely surprised by the Owl Café! The café became popular probably because of the famous white owl in Harry Potter!
You can enjoy the owl on your shoulder, head, hands etc.…
Owl Café
Address:4-211 Kamikawabata, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Phone number:None
Open hours:12:00~20:00 ※土日祝はSaturday, Sunday and holidays 11:00~20:00
Spend a warm moment with your favorite cup!


Relaxing atmosphere that you can only feel at that place. The characteristic of this coffee shop is that you can choose your favorite cup! The owner of the shop is a pottery producer! Enjoy your time with a drink and your favorite cup!

Utsuwa Cafe Yu Fukuoka Tenjin branch
Address:Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Daimyo 1-2-38 1F · 2F
Phone number:092-725-7777
Open hours:11:30~19:30
Feel Moe culture at a maid cafe

One of the most well-known aspects of the Japanese maniac culture!
Their goal is to make Fukuoka the 2nd Akihabara! Try this new kind of entertainment in Japan!

MaidCafe めるドナ Merudona
Address:3F Tenjin-yokocho Buiding, 3-2-4 Tenjin, Chuoh-ku, Fukuoka Phone number:092-753-7721
Open hours:11:00~23:00
Enjoy board games from all over the world!

There are more than 200 different kinds of board games! You’ll definitely enjoy this shop though you’re a beginner at games! Why not join their regular events at first?

Address:6F Tenjin N Building, 2-3-7 Tenjin, Chuoh-ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092−406−6160
Open hours:13:00〜23:00
Holiday:Irregular holidays
A mysterious café with a medical concept

We recommended this place for curious people or those who like rare things!
The café name, Sanatorium is a medical facility for long-term illness but be reassured this is only a medical concept café!
No doubt that the world will be overwhelmed by the use of unique medical tools, unique menus and the decoration!

Fushigi Hakubutsukan Bunshitsu Kittsa & Gallery Sanatorium
Address:3F Saeki Building, 3−3−23 Tenjin, Chuoh-ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-791-5477
Open hours:12:00〜22:00
Japan’s first café specialized in sugar candy!


You will see a wide range of sugar candy at the shop, which is just like a candy museum! The candies at this shop are so luxurious that they are used as wedding confetti. The shop is produced by a bridal company. You will feel like taking lots of photos for its bright colors and showing off! You can enjoy it just by watching it as well!

Kompeitou café no NAO café
Address:2F, 1-16-2 Nakashima, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu
Phone number:093-383-8977
Open hours:11:00-22:00( From 18:00 a reservation is required)
Holiday:Irregular holiday

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