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Local food tour in Fukuoka!

天神 Tenjin

When you think about Fukuoka, you immediately associate the city with delicious food such as ramen, mentaiko, motsunabe, sukiyaki, fish and so on. This time we would like to introduce local food and stores that you might enjoy!
The tempura is fried in front of you and rapidly served.

Enjoy the making of tempura same as enjoying theatre.

Try their famous salted cuttlefish as well!

Tempura no Hirao
Address:2-4-1 Fukuoka shi Hakata ku Higahirao 2-4-1
Phone number:092-611-1666
Open hours:10:30〜21:00
Holidays:New Year's Holiday
Fukuoka comfort food including savory chicken rice!


The popular noodle restaurant has finally opened in Hakata station!

Hakata Udon (thick Japanese noodle) is really soft!

The noodle is associated with a delicious and tasty soup.

Be sure to not wait too long before eating or the noodle will absorb the soup and get thicker!

Try their savory chicken rice as well!

Maki no Udon, Hakata Bus terminal store
Address:B1 Hakata Bus Teminal, 2-1, Chuoh Gai, Hakataeki, Hajataku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-322-6111
Open hours:10:00~23:00
Holidays: Same as Hakata Bus terminal holidays
Addict to the smell of garlic and spicy miso taste!

Once you tried it you’ll never forget about it ! The kind of food that is very addictive!

There is a rumor locally spread by a yakiniku restaurant saying that the smell of garlic increases your appetite and that you’ll get addict by their spicy miso.

Bikkuri ten Takamita ten
Address:10-3 Fukuoka shi Minamiku Tamagawa-chō 10 - 3
Phone number:092-511-8829
Open hour:11:30~15:00、17:30~22:30
Revolutionary Hakata Ramen!


Fukuoka tonkotsu ramen (noodle with creamy pork broth) is a standard of Fukuoka’s food specialties.

This ramen restaurant has mastered an original mix of pork bones and fish products based soup.

There is a ramen restaurant in Nakasu called "Ramen Genova" offering also "Italian Ramen". Why not try it?

ラーメン海鳴 中洲店 Ramen Uminari Nakasu
Address: Fukuoka shi Hakata ku Nakasu 3-6-23
Phone number:092-281-8278
Open hours:18:00~翌6:00
The fusion of ramen and somen!

http://area.walkerplus.com/walker47/article/detail/ar1040132/le0000/20141101/2_2014110116071744/Is this Ramen? Is this Somen?
We can say its ramen tasting like somen!
We recommend you to eat the noodle with sweet soup using sweet Kyushu soy sauce after drinking alcohol.

ふとっぱら天神総本店 Futoppara Tenjin Sou
Address:福岡市中央区天神2丁目8-22 ウエストサイド天神ビル8F West SideTenjin Building, 8-22, 2 Chôme, Tenjin, Chuoh-Ku, Fukuoka
Fukuoka Shi Chuo ku Tenjin 2-8-22 West Side Tenjin Building 8th floor.
Phone number:092-732-9712
Open hours:18:00~翌6:00
Best place for Hakata one-bite dumplings!

You’ll enjoy the crispy texture of the skin of the dumpling as well as the juiciness of the garniture.

The restaurant started to operate in 1945. You’ll be surprised to know that over weekends they make about 5000 dumplings a day!

旭軒 駅前本店 Asai noki ekimae
Address:2-15-22 Hakataekimae, Hakataku, Fukuoka
Fukuoka shi Hakata ku Hakata eki 2-15-22
Phone number:092-451-7896
Open hours:15:00~翌1:00
Chicken skin grilled differently!


Chicken skewers grilled repeatedly for a few days.

The excess of fat will fall out and leave a delicious crispy taste to the skin!

とりかわ粋恭 薬院店
Address:1-11-15 ,Yakuin, Chuoh-Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-731-1766
Open hours:17:00~24:00
Holidays:New Year's Holiday
Okonomiyaki with secret sauce!


Talking about Okonomiyaki will make you think of FUKIYA which has been established for over 40 years.

Their hand made sauces and mayonnaises are really popular!

You’d better be hungry because their Okonomiyaki are really big and filling !

ふきや 博多店
Address:8F Hakata Bus Terminal, Chuoh Gai, Hakataeki, Hakataku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-473-7471
Open hours:11:00~22:00
Fish shaped cute manju (streamed cake)
It is a kind of stuffed pancake shaped like a mudskipper. You can choose different flavors.
You can choose from black bean paste, white bean paste, custard cream and their popular ham/egg manju!It is all handmade and everyone loves it!

むっちゃん万十 ソラリアステージ店
Mutchanmanjū Solaria stage
Address; B1 Solaria Stage 2-11-3, Tenjin, Choh-Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-722-6819
Open hours:10:00~21:00
Holidays:Same as Solaria stage building


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