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Recommended home ware & stationery stores in Fukuoka!

天神 Tenjin

Fukuoka is well known for offering delicious food but we are sure you might not know about the appeal of “general stores” and “select shops” in Fukuoka. Let us introduce you stores offering mainly goods not from overseas and easy to access from downtown.
①Enjoy looking at the store without even thinking about it!

The shop offers various tools to make your everyday life enjoyable.

Carefully selected items for the kitchen, living room, dining room, garden or bathroom. All items are functional and easy to use.

A café is on the second floor.

Address: 1-8-8 Yakuin, Chuoh Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-739-2080
Open hours:11:00〜20:00
Holidays: Irregular
②Items that you’ll want to use every day!

The shop offers various items such as tableware, foodstuff and general goods that are great for daily use. The name of the shop means “across the ages" in Latin. The more you use, the more vintage it will have.

Address: 402 Serukuru Yakuin, 1-7-12, Chuoh ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-791-9672
Open hours:11:00〜18:00
③ Functional and well-designed homeware items


The shop focuses on high quality, functional and well-designed items that you can use for your daily life. All the items have been selected on the concept ‘high-quality, functional and well-designed,’ which are not affected by trends but universal. They have a wide range of items that enable your life enjoyable!

Address: 5-1-15 Tenjin, Chuoh ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-791-1919
Open hours:11:00〜19:00
④ Beautiful and “at home” style items


The owner intuitively has been collecting items that will nicely fit the shop such as pottery, porcelain, woodworking tool, glass, illustration, papers etc...
Items are beautifully lined up in a designed space.

Address:2F inde-cartonnage, 1-8-11 Otemon, Chuoh ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-791-1140
Open hours:12:00~20:00

⑤ Shop with a “letter” concept

The shop owner is a “paper” lover and collects items such as writing paper, envelopes, fountain pens etc...

The shop offers various kinds of envelopes, wallets made in paper, and original goods.

Try glass pen experience. Writing with a glass pen makes you stoked!
Address: 2F-B San Furuno Building, 1-8-11 Otemon, Chuoh ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-725-7745
Open hours:11:00〜20:00
⑥ Stationery Wonderland

Enjoy the beautiful exterior and interior of the shop! Enjoy the selection of various stationeries. You will not feel like choosing a selection of office supplies but more like "a fun selection from the world of hobbies or homewares".
Okusu branch offers some coffee.
Address:3 - 7 -16 Ōkusu, Minami ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-753-8275
Open hours:8:00~18:00
※Torikai branch
Address:5-3-1 Torikai, Jonan ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-407-8087
Open hours:12:00~20:00
⑦Original accessories getting popular in Fukuoka!
Charming tiny space in an old building.Get surrounded by handcraft jewelries and small items. Enjoy this relaxing space.

Address : 2F Kamura Building, 3-3-8 Yakuin, Chuoh ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-531-1212
Open hours:12:00~20:00
⑧Creator brand that can only be found here in Fukuoka!
A small shop offering goods that can only be found in Fukuoka. More than 10 creators’ brands about chocolate, tea, processed food, accessories, plants etc...

Kiyokawa little stand
Address: 2-4-29 Kiyokawa, Chuoh ku, Fukuoka (Inside rotary space)
Phone number:None
Open hours:11:00〜19:00
⑨ General goods with a cute design!


The store is located in a quiet residential area and offering handmade candies, children’s clothes, clothes, handmade goods etc…
The heart-warming atmosphere inside the shop will make you happy!

Hanauta Zattkaten
Address: 5-2-30 Nishijin, Sawara ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-836-8672
Open hours:11:00~17:00
Holidays:Wednesday, Thursday

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