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Souvenirs from Fukuoka

天神 Tenjin

There are plenty of regular souvenirs but why not taking time to choose something a bit more special?
We selected 10 items that you can easily find in the city center. We excluded items that you can immediately find on the internet; at the Airport or at the station. Of course there are plenty of other souvenirs but just take our selection as an example.
① (rice crackers)

A souvenir that is very light to bring back and can last for a long time compared to raw mentaiko.
The first item is unfortunately a well-known souvenir: Japanese rice crackers (senbei) mentaiko flavor. Many people know about it! A souvenir that is very light to bring back and can last for a long time compared to raw mentaiko. One package of rice crackers is cheap and it is a good option when you want to make a present to your coworkers (or many people) at an affordable price. The shop offers not only "crackers" but also mentaiko and a cafe space.

FUKUTARO CAFE & STORE (Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro)
Address:1F Tenjin TERURA Building, 5-25-18, Watanabedōri, Chuoh-ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-713-4441
Open hours:9:30~20:00
②Dry Mentaiko skin

Here is a strange product!
The most delicious part of Mentaiko (the skin) is dried and made in a jerky style. It a condensation of "umami" (flavor) and "karami" (spice). The more you chew and the more it is tasty. Delicous a little broiled too. Perfect snack with alcohool.

Nakashima Shōten
Address:1 – 1 Chuoh-Gai, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka
 (Stores in tenjin and at the Airport)
Business hours:9:00~21:00
③Hakata Chocolate Cobblestone
This chocolate shop is the first one which was established in Fukuoka as a European style sweets shop. The most popular chocolate is the Chocolate Cobblestone with five layers of sponge cake and mousse coated with chocolate. The chocolate melts in your mouth.
A souvenir that you want to get for yourself as well!

The main store of Chocolate Shop
Address:3 – 17 Tsunaba Machi, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-281-1826
Business hours:10:00~19:00
④Hakata Koishi (pebble stone)
Bite-sized cookies with a strange texture that you can't stop to eat!
It looks gorgeous when the five different colors are aligned next to each other.The design is linked to the traditional craft of Hakata, Hakata Textile. Hakata Textile, which was presented to the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo Era, has five colors; blue, red, dark blue, yellow and purple. Five flavors of Hakata Koishi originated from five colors of Hakata Textile. Flavors; refined Japanese sugar, matcha, strawberry, soybean flour, purple sweet potato.

Rusetto Marina
Address:9-12, 1 Cho-me, Keyagō, Minami-Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-502-1034
Business hours:10:00~19:30
Dacquoise was invented by Japanese chef Takao Mishima, the owner and chef of France Kashi 16-ku, who is famous as a leading chef in Western-style confectionery industry. ombining the Japanese sweet monaka and the European dessert meringu. The texture of Dacquoise is crispy outside and fluffy inside. The dough is made from almond flour, powdered sugar and meringue with almond paste and butter cream in-between. The oval-shaped dacquoise is sold only in Japan.

Address:4 Chōme 20 – 10, Yakuin, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka
Phone number:092-531-3011
Open hours:9:00~19:00 (Closed on Mondays)
⑥Keiran Somen
Keiran Somen is a Japanese sweet made from only egg yolk and crystal sugar, featuring the vivid yellow. The founder Riemon invented this and named it ‘Keiran Somen,’ which has been the main sweet in Matsuyariemon Sweet Shop since Edo era. Keiran Somen used to be called one of the greatest Japanese sweets, has been produced for 13 generations. The recipe has been a carefully guarded secret passed down from one generation to the next, which makes the taste more delectable.

Address:3 - 12 - 81 – 102, Sakurazaka, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka
(The main store of Matsuyariemon / factory)
Phone number:092-406-9933
Open hours:10:00~16:00 (while supplies last )(売り切れ次第終了)
⑦Pierrot’s Rusk
Rusk wagon retailer by a trolley cart made in Europe. It has a variety of flavors; the most popular milk favor, matcha, Mentai, anchovy, etc. Mainly sold in Hakata and Tenjin. You can check where the shop is on twitter. Enjoy the rusk! If you happen to meet the shop, you are so lucky!

Address:Cargo Retailer around Tenjin & Hakata. (Check the location on twitter.)
Kajitsusu suu (Fruit vinegar)
Kajitsusu suu (Fruit vinegar)
Produced in Ukiha, Fukuoka, which is famous for fruits production.
The shop has a café inside and a factory beside, which produces fruits vinegar and seasonal condiments called Confiture with plenty of fruit vinegar.

Fruit vinegar is great for souvenir since vinegar itself is good for the health and fruit vinegar is not too strong as normal one.

Kajitsusu suu
Address:59-1 Sakurai, Yoshiimachi, Ukiha, Fukuoka
Sold also in DEAN & DELUCA
Address:B2 Solaria Praza, 2-2-43 Tenjin, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka
Business hours:10:00~22:00
Yame is famous for tea production in Japan.
Yame tea tastes great for its sweetness and rich flavor.The tea leaves in CHIYONOEN are produced in higher evaluation, which enables it to grow with less agrichemical. It is as safe as passed EU residual agricultural chemicals which is more strict than Japanese inspection.

Address:1743 Kitayabe, Yabemura, Yame, Fukuoka
Sold also in Kiyokawa Little Stand
Address:1F 2-4-29 Kiyokawa, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka

Open hours:Monday~Friday 12:00~18:00、Week-end 11:00~19:00、(day off: Wednesday)
⑩Local attractive products
The last shop is located in Yame City, Chikugo area.
Specialized handmade shop where you can find various products.

This shop is a hub for tourists and locals, providing various local information. You will experience more than just buying souvenirs!

Unagi no Nedoko
Address:267 Motomachi, Yame, Fukuoka
Phone number:0943-22-3699
Open hours:11:30〜18:00 (Day off: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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