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天神 Tenjin

Do you know that SUiTO FUKUOKA is one of the best restaurant of the city?

Let me introduce you to Shimizu Yoshitaka, our top chef from Tokyo. He grew up in Chiba, graduated in a cooking school and worked in many Japanese luxury restaurant in Tokyo.

"I am the 4th child out of 5 children, eating has always been what I
liked the most, so it is quite naturally that I followed the path

He is now the head chef of SUiTO FUKUOKA. He decided to move to Fukuoka where is wife originally come from because the city is much easier to live than Tokyo. He has now over 15 years of experience for preparing all Japanese dishes in the most traditional way.
We propose a high quality Japanese style food for a good price. Our chef use to prepare the same food quality in Tokyo for over twice the price you'll pay in SUiTO FUKUOKA. It’s a deal if you want to enjoy the best of what japan and Fukuoka can offer.
Every day he is buying the freshest products, the quality of the products is the key to superior dishes!
This morning I decided to follow the chef and spy on his preparation ritual ! So we went to YANAGI BASHI MARKET, the best market place in the city center. The chef could find some nice and fresh "Tsubugai" つぶ貝 (Whelk - Sea Snail)
The menu is different every day depending on that day’s fresh ingredients. If you wish the chef to use some special ingredients, or if you have any allergy, you can tell it to us when making your reservation, it will be a pleasure to give you satisfaction!
Here are some words from the chef: “I want to find a way to make ingredients taste even better. My wish is to share with everyone food that I find delicious and for that, I try my best to prepare the best Japanese cuisine ever.”
I could try today's sea snail, It was so tasty !

The restaurant is a Tatami Café & Bar style with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The goal is to recreate the image of Fukuoka’s famous Yatai (food stall) with a space where about 15 people can sit around a U-shaped counter, and where our chef serves genuine Japanese cooking.

We are waiting for you to enjoy a chat with our chef while appreciating delicious traditional food. Of course, the tea and sake we serve is local! You can also reserve the whole bar for a private party.
Dinner Time : 18:00~23:00
・Full banquet course 4000 yen~ (Reservation required before 6pm on the previous day)
・The chef’s selection (3 dishes) 2500 yen~ (No advance order necessary) Drinks : Local sake, Shochu, Matcha Beer 400yen~

Lunch Time : 11:00~14:00 Course :
・Sea Bream Ochazuke (cooked rice with tea poured on it) This delicious Ochazuke is made with Houji tea from Hoshinomura village, producer of the best tea in Kyushu.
・Mini banquet 2000 yen~ (Reservation required before 6pm on the previous day) For only 2000 yen
Café & Bar : 11:00~17:00 During café time, we offer delicious drinks such as the best tea from Hoshinomura village, but also coffee or juice starting from 300¥. We also propose the “seasonal sweets set” that changes regularly, this is our most popular item (500yen).

Free Wi-fi

Notice that you can also participate to a sushi and Mentaiko workshop with our chef. Here are more information on our website: http://suito.inboundhub.jp/culture/
See you soon at SUiTO FUKUOKA to enjoy one of your best Japanese meal.


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