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Guest houses opened around Hakata area

博多 Hakata

Many guest houses were born around Hakata during the last years!

Your travel can be different regarding the accommodation you choose.You need to choose an accommodation that fit what you are looking for!
That’s why we would like to introduce you 10 guest houses!
An imposing presence guest house

The guest house opened in 2008. It was a 70 years old traditional house. They renovated it and transformed it into a Japanese style guest house. It’s a place where you’ll feel like “at home” and can interact with other people easily since some cultural exchanges are taking place.

Guest house Kaine
Address:Fukuokashi hakataku Suzaki-chō 5 - 9
Phone number:092-402-9888
Check in: 15:00-22:00、Check Out 11:00
An old guest house in the middle of a shopping district.
Not so far from Hakata station there is a retro shopping district called Minoshima.The guest house is located in the middle of the street and you’ll have the pleasure to experience the “old Japan”. You should definitely take a stroll.

Address:Fukuokashihakataku Minoshima 2-chōme 14 - 1
Phone number:092-210-7220
Check in 17:00-22:00、Check out 11:00
Spice your life!
The owner of this hostel loves Fukuoka and he is travel lover! This hostel is also located in the Minoshima shopping district and aim to become the best hostel in the world! A bamboo light will welcome you!

Hakata Minoshima Hostel FUTAGI
Address:Fukuokashihakataku Minoshima 2 - 11 - 13
Check in 15:00-22:00、Check out 11:00
Experience an enjoyable local stay!

A share hostel that connects people from Fukuoka.There is a cafe at the 1st floor and common space where you can meet not only travelers but also local people.

Address:Fukuokashichūōku tani 1 − 14 − 4
Phone number:092-741-2055
Check in 15:00-22:00、Check out 11:00
Feel the beauty of the city and people through this hostel!

Receive a local map with advices to enjoy the local Fukuoka.Depending on the season and weather, you’ll enjoy a different aspect of the city. At night you can enjoy Hakata specialties with the other guests or local people on the first floor.
B&C Gakubuchi
Address:Fukuokashihakataku Kamigofuku-chō 4 - 3
Phone number:092-281-2511
Check in 16:00-22:00、Check out 10:00
Old fashion streetxemerging technology
Hostel located on the shopping street where old fashioned arcade streets remains.The hostel provides a comfortable stay with internet; air conditioning, TV and smartphones goods.

Address:Fukuokashihakataku Kamikawabata-chō 10 − 5
Phone number:092-273-0770
Check in 16:00-22:00、Check out 8:00-11:00
A place where the world intersects and gathers.

You'll enjoy their lounge space with various musics and their exhibition space.It is a cultural spot newly born in the town of historical Hakata.

Phone number:092-292-1070
Check in 16:00-22:00、Check out 11:00
Relaxing atmosphere・Japanese style・Noren(Japanese curtains)
A space that you will not find through the internet or guide book! There is a common space at the 1st floor for travelers and local people. There are also private rooms available.
Address:Fukuokashihakataku Nakagofuku-chō 9 – 5
Phone number:092-409-5747
Check in 15:00-22:00、Check out 11:00
Well-kept secret place!
Combined guest house and cafe!
The word Tonagi means "Stay" "Learn" "connect". This place aims to connect people from all over the world.

TONAGI Hostel & Cafe
Address:Fukuokashihakataku chiyo 4 - 4 - 16
Check in 15:00-22:30、Check out 10:00
Based on the concept of "standing up".
This hostel opened near Ohori Park in June! 1st floor is a bar space and 2nd and 3rd are for the rooms of the hostel.
The bar space aim to connect people; meet new people and experience new things. You can make great memories at that place.

Address:Fukuokashichūōku Ōtemon 1-chōme 3 - 22
Check in 16:00-23:00、Check out 11:00
※Opened in June!


1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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