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Co-working spaces where you can focus our work

天神 Tenjin

Have you ever wanted a space where you can focus on your work while traveling? Some people can’t do their work in a regular coffee shop.
While traveling, you may have to work on something suddenly and need a co-working space. Let us introduce you some of the co working spaces that we selected.
①Overflowing entrepreneur's energies space

Fukuoka city has got attention in the recent years for being a "startup city".Feel free to enter in this startup cafe. If you enjoy Fukuoka and feel like starting a business here, don't hesitate to consult the staff of the startup cafe.

住所:福岡市中央区大名2-6-11 FUKUOKA growth next 1階
Fukuoka city ChuoKu Daimyo 2-6-11 Fukuoka Growth next 1st floor
Open hours:10:00~20:00
②Relaxing and luxurious space

In addition to be able to focus on your work, you can also relax with their massage chairs or their comfortable seats for one person. You can read various magazines and manga books. However be careful, you may completely forget to work!

ヨカラボ天神 yokalab.
Fukuoka shi Chuo-ku Daimyo 2-9-35 TOSEN TENJIN Building 9th floor.
Phone number:092-781-5111
Open hours:Week day 9:00~23:00、Week end and national holidays 10:00~22:00
Price:1hour 500円、One day 1500円
③Work-space Community that will change your way of working!

The Company
Fukuoka city Hakata-Ku Gion 8-13
Open hours:8:00~22:00
Price:1 hour 500yen、One day 1500yen
It is not just a "share space" but a space where people interact with each other and own a private SNS group. A new way of work has born! You may find your future business partner at that place!
④Secret place for people who like to "work hard and play hard".

Space where various people, such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, managers, engineers, and artists gather and exchange information. It seems that there are some club activities as well. Do you want to join ?

Fukuokashihakataku Hakataekihigashi 1 - 12 - 17 ofisunyūgaia Hakataekimae 3 F
Phone number:092-441-7716
Open hours:Weekday 9:00~22:00/Weekend and national holidays 9:00~17:00
Price:Weekday 9:00~17:00/1000円・17:00~22:00/1500円、土日祝9:00~17:00/1000円
⑤Work with a drink

One hour with one drink for only 300 yen!
For more than 3 hours and only 1200 yen, all you can drink.
May be the perfect place if you want to work just a little bit and relax.

Fukuokashichūōku daimyō 1 - 9 - 18
Phone number:092-981-2775
Business hours:Weekend 11:00~18:00
Price:One hour 300円~
⑥Beautiful share space near the beach

The space can be reached by train in 20 minutes from the city center.
While watching the ocean, you can work in a relaxing environment.
Thanks to this environment, a good idea may come to your mind

Open hours:10:00〜19:00

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