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Famous spots for cherry blossom viewing


Cherry blossoms start to bloom everywhere as the warm season arrives.

There are lots of cherry blossom viewing spots in Fukuoka prefecture and we would like to introduce some famous spots to you!



▷①Maizuru Park


Fukuoka-cho sakura matsuri (cherry blossom festival at Fukuoka castle ruins) is held in Maizuru park. There are around 1000 cherry blossom trees and also some historical sites such as Kourokan excavation area and Fukuoka castle ruins.


A guided tour is offered and also many food stalls will open during the festival. The cherry blossoms will be illuminated at night. Enjoy the fantastic reflection of the trees on the water surface!



AddressJonai 1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi





▷②Nishi park


Nishi park is one of the best and famous 100 cherry blossom spots in Japan.

There are about 1300 cherry blossom trees in the park, and you can enjoy the ocean view of Hakata bay, Nokonoshima island, as well as Shikanoshima island from the observation platform inside the park.



AddressNishi park, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi





▷③Riverbed of Muromi river


There is a long row of cherry blossom trees and azalea along the paved promenade.  Locals enjoy taking a walk or jogging in this area. It is a very popular cherry blossom spot during the season, among locals as well as tourists.



AddressMinamisho go-chome, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi





▷④Amagi park


There are about 4000 cherry blossom trees in this park, making it one of the best spots to view sakura in Fukuoka prefecture.

Trees, mainly Someiyoshino, are lined up around the pond in the park. The cherry blossom tree’s reflection on the water is breathtaking.



Address : Bodaiji 79, Asakura-shi, Fukuoka-ken





▷⑤Akizukisugi no baba


Akizuki is surrounded by clear streams and mountains, and therefore it is called the ‘Little Kyoto of Fukuoka’. There are about 200 cherry blossom trees lined up both side of Suginobaba street.

Since the old castle town's atmosphere still lingers at this place, you can enjoy history and Akitsuki’s gorgeous landscape at the same time. The trees form a tunnel of about 500m in length in spring and are also illuminated during night-time which creates a magical atmosphere.



AddressAkizuki no Tori, Asakura-shi, Fukuoka-ken





▷⑥Katsuyama Park


This spot is located at Kitakyushu’s Kokura Castle and has about 300 cherry blossom trees. During blooming season, the trees are illuminated during night time. The trees alongside the castle are a marvelous sight at night as well as during daytime!


Katsuyama Park is like a little oasis in the inner city area of Kitakyushu from which you can easily access River Walk Mall or various cultural spots like the Matsumoto Seicho Memorial Hall.



AddressJonai 2-1, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken





▷⑦Asai’s lonely Sakura tree


This beautiful cherry blossom tree stands next to a little pond and has a trunk volume of 4.3m and 18m in height. It is said to be about a hundred years old.

Since the locals take good care of it, this unique sakura tree is not just an unusual but also a splendid sight!

For a few days, the tree is also illuminated. Observing the moving beauty of the illuminated tree and its reflection on the pond is definitely worth having a look!



AddressYamamotomachi Mino 1511-1, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-ken





▷⑧The thousand sakura trees of Hyugami


Hyugami dam is said to be the biggest one in Fukuoka prefecture. The Hyugami lake looks beautiful throughout the four seasons as it is surrounded by rich nature, as well as huge and bizarre-looking rocks.  


Because of the about thousand Yoshino cherry trees surrounding the lake, it is a gorgeous hanami spot (observing cherry blossoms). Going for a drive when the petals start to fall is recommended! You will feel like being in a Japanese movie when driving through a flurry of falling cherry blossom.



AddressYabe Hyugami, Yabe-mura, Yame-shi, Fukuoka-ken


1JPY ≒ 130.77EUR



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