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Lovely beans shop☆

西新 Nishijin

Hi! Today I want to show you a beans shop, Ueno shouten, which is famous as an old shop in Nishijin. It only takes about 10 minutes by train from SUiTO. And 3 minutes walk from Nishijin station.

The shop has been loved by local people since it was established more than 50 years ago.

Once you step in to the shop, you would be surprised to see It's retro room and the variety of colourful beans lined up beautifully.
They sell all beans by measure so that you can buy them exact amount you need.
The shop keeper is friendly. She tells you the difference of each beans and how to cook them by yourself easily♪

In SUiTO cafe, we also put red kidney beans in to the hot milk desert! Why don't you come and try it in SUiTO!:)

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