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List of bakeries we recommend in Fukuoka

天神 Tenjin

If you are a bakery lover, you will probably want to find the best of them anywhere at any time, even when you are traveling.
Pastries lovers around the world, let me introduce you to the popular ones in Fukuoka that foreign travelers would surely love.
▷①Bread with a taste of home cooking
This bakery offers a lot of breads containing surprising ingredients typically used in Japanese home cooking.
The landmark for this small and cute bakery is a cat illustration on the sign board.


This bread with a shishamo smelt inside is very popular!

This bread is filled with simmered seaweed and lotus root!

【Shop Information】
Koubou Kuronakodou
1F フィットけやき 2-16-6 Kego, Chuo district, Fukuoka city

▷②Enjoy “cute” and “delicious” at the same time!
Once you step into the bakery, you will feel a mysterious atmosphere just as if you were in some kind of fantasy story.
There is a cafeteria on the second floor where you can enjoy breads and sweets.

This bread is filled with a lot of sweet beans
【Shop information】
HEART BREAD ANTIQUE Fukuoka Tenjin shop
3-16-24 ハーツ天神Tenjin, Chuo district, Fukuoka city
▷③Enticed by old Japanese-style houses and a back alley…
It’s a bakery renovated from an old house, located in a small back street.
They have a lot of Japanese style breads that you will feel nostalgic for.
The most popular one in the bakery is the green tea bread called “Macchan”, which is filled with sweet beans.

A popular stick bread with leaf mustard.

【Shop Information】
Panya Toujou
1-12-28 Hirao, Chuo district, Fukuoka city
▷④French bread with cod roe-one of the traditional local food you must try!
It’s filled with a lot of cod roe, Fukuoka’s local specialty. They also have bread made with domestic flour.
This bread sometimes sells more than 1000 a day on weekends.

【Shop Information】
Full Full Tenjin Pan Koubou
1-10-13 Tenjin MMT Building 1F Tenjin, Chuo district, Fukuoka city

▷⑤Bakery specializes in authentic French bread
Although the bakery is mostly famous for its croissant, many different types of hard breads are also popular. Every day, the breads are baked by using natural yeast in the traditional French way.

The flavorful baguette is very popular!

【Shop Information】
MAISON KAYSER, Fukuoka Tenjin Daimaru Shop
1-4-1 Hakata Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin shop B2F, Tenjin, Chuo district, Fukuoka city

▷⑥Bakery which has more than 40 years of history
The bakery has been familiar to local people for a long time and has been serving bread with a reasonable price while pursuing “deliciousness”.

This picture shows their popular melon bread.

【Shop Information】
Pan・Nagata, Across Fukuoka Shop
1-1-1 Across Fukuoka, Tenjin, Chuo district, Fukuoka City

▷⑦Sticking thoroughly to “stone oven” and “hand-made”
The bakery starts from making dough, and bakes the hand-made bread in a stone oven. Their original breads are fresh, crunchy and soft.

Try their curry bread !

【Shop Information】
Ishigama pan no ie, Gratie, Hakata station south shop
4-1-31 Hakata-minami, Hakata district, Fukuoka city
▷⑧A popular bakery which line never ends
The bakery has been frequently covered by the media and thus has top class popularity in Fukuoka. It’s a stylish, brick-built shop with a relaxed atmosphere, and a lot of customers come to this bakery from far away.
Their cod roe baguette is exquisite!

【Shop Information】
Pain Stock
6-7- Hakozaki, Higashi district, Fukuoka City

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