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Sento-a must-go place to experience real Japanese culture

天神 Tenjin

Going to “sento”, a traditional public bathhouse, is one of the best ways to get a real taste of Japanese culture.
In the areas where people have been living for a long time, sento are an important part of the daily life of the residents, especially elderly people. In the inner-city area, you can see many young people also going to sento.
This time, we will introduce you to those two kinds of sento.
If you are more interested in a traditional and old local style ones, please check ① and ②. As for the ones which are located in the city center and easy to go to, please see ③ and ④. There are 13 other sento in Fukuoka city.

▷①Sento with a Showa retro feel

You can feel the classic atmosphere from the inside and the outside of the sento. It’s located in Chiyo where there are many historical spots, so it might be a good idea to explore the surrounding area before going to the sento.

Equipped with a bubble bath, electric bath, water bath and ultrasonic bath

You can have a taste of the past here.

You can also visit the remains of a shopping arcade which was closed last year.

Address: 1-29-3, Chiyo, Hakata, Fukuoka city

Sento as a social meeting place for local people

You can take part in the everyday Japanese life thanks to the casual conversation between regular customers and the manager. There are many traditional Japanese-style houses and shrines around there, so you will without a doubt be able to find something interesting if you take a walk in the surrounding area.

Equipped with bubble bath, electric bath and ultrasonic bath

It’s in the alley just off the main street.

Address: 4-27-10, Chiyo, Hakata, Fukuoka city

Sento located only 5 minutes from Tenjin

They say that the building of this sento has stood for 90 years, and thus you can feel the Japanese tradition even though it’s located in the center of the city, only a few minutes- walk from Tenjin. Since many young people like to use it, you can go there without any hesitation.

The faint scent of wood is in the air.

There are many cafes and restaurants in the area.

Address: 1-3-10, Imaizumi, Chuo district, Tenjin city

Sento with an urban and old atmosphere

The interior of this sento is cute and unique. They use ceramic mineral water which is soft to the touch, and the type of the water is changed depending on the day of the week.

Equipped with bubble bath, charcoal bath, ultrasonic bath and ceramic mineral water
In Haruyoshi, you can see traditional Japanese style shops and houses even though it’s in the city center.

Address: 3-15-19, Haruyoshi, Chuo district, Fukuoka city

9 other sento in total in Fukuoka!

You can check many other sento on a website called “ Fukuoka yokaburo guide”.
If you find a sento near your hotel or any place you visit, go and enjoy it.

If you bring the “Sento map” published by the Fukuoka bath union with you and go to five onsen in Fukuoka, you can use the fifth one for free!

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