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Recommendations of Kakuuchis(combined liquor store and bars)

天神 Tenjin

The word “Kakuuchi”(which means combined liquor store and bar) possesses various theories about its etymology, but in the regions of Kyushu and Kanto, it means “ liquor shop where you can also drink”. Although in the prefecture of Fukuoka, Kitakyushu is usually the best place to find Kakuuchis, this time we are going to take you to discover some of the Kakuuchis of Fukuoka city.

This time, most of the people participating in this tour were first-timers. Even the participants whose hometown was Fukuoka did not usually go to this kind of shop. When you are not used to it, it may be hard to enter some of the shops, but there are a lot of different types of Kakuuchis.
We hope this article will help people who are feeling like visiting this kind of shops!
①The old-fashioned Kakuuchi

This shop is filled with customers as soon as the doors open!
It’s not far from the Hakata station, and it is a popular place among the salary men on their way back after work.
The place is filled with regular customers, which might seem a little bit difficult to approach, but when I asked some of them about the menu or their recommendations, all of them answered very nicely.
It might require some courage to enter the shop if you are a woman, but I do recommend the old fashioned atmosphere, and I would really like everyone to have a look inside!
Mikiya saketen
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Hakata-ekmae-higashi 1-13-22
Opening hours:17:30-21:00
②The shop where even beginners can enter without hesitation!

It is located in Daimyo and very easy to access. It’s an area where there are a lot of young people; the shop is usually filled with young customers and is also pretty women-friendly. You can order just one glass of sake or wine. We recommend this shop if it’s your first time visiting a Kakuuchi.
Kotani saketen
Address:Fukuoka-shi, chuo-ku, daimyo 1-11-13
Opening hours:Mon~Fri 10:00-23:00、Sat 10:00-21:00
Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the next one on the list, but we really wanted to introduce it to you nevertheless. It’s a great shop located in the Yakuin area, popular among young people and families.
Koba saketen
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Yakuin 1-12-18
Opening hours:17:00-23:00(Saturday until 21:30
③New style of kakuuchi

There is not a sake lover in Fukuoka who doesn’t know about this shop: Todoroki. It’s a Kakuuchi style liquor shop which opened recently. You can enjoy sake and wine in its very classy atmosphere. They also offer coffee and soft drinks, and they even hold events, so be sure to check them!
Todoroki Saketen Yakuin stand!
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Yakuin 3-7-30
Opening hours:12:00-21:00(Kakuuchi 16:00-21:00
The next shop is one that counts many fans located in a corner of Hakata station’s mall. There are 8 people in the staff, but the place is always crowded. The means of payment is a little bit different than usual seeing as they use hanafuda (Japanese playing cards). They will give you one hanafuda card per 3000 yen, the prices are indicated in the number of hanafuda cards it represents, and you just have to bring the cards with you when you leave the shop.
They also have a course called “Irohani masu” where you can drink and compare four different varieties of sake. It is a popular shop among women.
Sumiyoshi shupan Hakata-ekiten
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Hakata-eki mae, Chuo-machi 1-1 Hakata Deitos 1F(Chikushi gate Omiyage-mon square)
Opening hours:8:00-21:00(20h last order

④There are also some good shops outside the city center!

This one is a shop located a little bit far from the rest of kakuuchis, and its concept is a bit different because in this one, you can actually sit and drink, izakaya style. They have a well-furnished food menu, which is always appreciated. A lot of beginners choose this shop for their first time.
Here also, the means of payment is special: you first have to put money in a basket and the money is taken from the box each time you place an order.
Address:Fukuoka-shi, minami-ku,ohashi 4- 28-6
Opening hours:17:00-23:00
This one is a rare kind of Kakuuchi : it is actually European style, with a long list of wines on their drink menu. The inside of the shop is bright and stylish, and there is a counter and some tables where you can sit to take your time and drink.
You pay by buying a set of ten tickets of 1080yen each.
Akagi saketen (Bon vivant)
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Minami-ku, Shiohara 4-13-21
Opening hours:17:00-23:00
⑤The shop where you will always be welcome even if it is full

Inside the shop are found comfortable chairs and a nice sitting space, in which you will probably find yourself staying longer than you expected. Their menu offers a lot a variety, and they are close to Tenjin, which makes it really easy to access. This shop is also popular among foreigners. The shop’s atmosphere is really special and spacious.
Ootori saketen
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Haruyoshi 3-23-13
Opening hours:Mon. ~Sat. 8:00-22:30、Sun / holidays 11:00-22:30

Finally, all of the participants said they really wanted to visit more kakuuchis. We will also probably do it again together, so if you want to participate you are very welcome! If you have any questions please contact SUiTO FUKUOKA.

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