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Combining Gourmet and Japanese atmosphere:Fukuoka’s shopping arcades!

天神 Tenjin

Shopping arcades are a place where you can really feel the lifestyle of the local people.
This time we will not introduce shopping arcades that are already famous for being tourist spots, but will focus on small and local shopping arcades instead.
Please use this list to discover new shopping arcades with a different atmosphere than those you already know!

①Nishijin shopping arcade

Nishijin central shopping arcade, famous for its trailers towed by bicycles (like the one you can see in the picture), is one of the shopping arcades that compose the big Nishijin one. This Nishijin shopping arcade is actually composed of several small ones such as Katsutaka Suijin shopping street, Hatoya shopping street, B-dish etc… In total there are about 280 shops in the Nishijin shopping arcade
<Houraku Manju>

First, we went to the shop with the longest line : Houraku Manju!
They sell 2000 manjus in one day.
One manju costs a 100 yen and you have the choice between white or red bean jam.
<Mucchan Manju>

This shop is very
popular both with children or adults! They called their maju Mucchan because it is shaped after a slowly disappearing animal: the mudskipper (Mutsugoro in Japanese). The ham egg version is the most popular.


<Rojiura Bakery>

A cute and cozy bakery.

<Akari Coffee>

It’s a small hidden café just next to Rojiura Bakery.

Name: Nishijin Shopping Arcade
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Sawara-ku, Nishijin
Access:Very close to the Nishijin Subway station

②Minoshima shopping arcade
Said to be the kitchen of ancient Hakata, this shopping arcade has a long history and a fantastic Showa atmosphere.

<Egami Shokuhin>

Cheap, Varied, Delicious!Their tempuras and croquettes are very popular!

Cute and delicious Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam). Can’t stop eating them!



③Tojinmachi Shopping arcade

It’s an old arcade with lots of history. It is also very close to the Yahuoku! Dome and the Ohori Park.
Old and new shops are lined up together in a retro atmosphere.

<Sato Toriniku Ten>

Their crunchy, crispy and juicy fried chicken is very popular among the local population

※Check:Association for the promotion of the Tojinmachi shopping arcade : (http://tojinmachi.net/shop/fo_toukitirou.html)

<Old-fashioned Tofu Tokichiro>

Tofu made with 100% Japanese soybeans, made with thick soy milk, no preservative.

※Check:Association for the promotion of the Tojinmachi shopping arcade : (http://tojinmachi.net/shop/fo_toukitirou.html)

<Soy milk Manju : Dondoko>

They use soy milk made with Japanese soy beans to make their delicious and healthy manju and parfaits.


※Check:Association for the promotion of the Tojinmachi shopping arcade :(http://tojinmachi.net/shop/fo_tounyuuyakimann-donndoko.html)

<Fukuya(Imo batake)>
This shop was open in 1948 and nowadays makes bentos and side dishes that are said to taste just like your mother’s.


※Check:Association for the promotion of the Tojinmachi shopping arcade :(http://tojinmachi.net/shop/fo_%20hukuya-imobatake.html)

Name:Tojinmachi shopping arcade
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Tojinmachi
Access:Close to the subway station of Tojinmachi

④Hakozaki shopping arcade

※Check:The Hakozaki shopping arcade Association (https://www.facebook.com/hakopoppo/)

It’s a historical shopping street, what with Hakozaki shrine being close to it. The whole city is the scene of the 「Enishi ichi Hakopopo」event, or of the famous Hoshoya festival in September and for this occasion the shopping arcade holds an event called “Hakofes”.

A shop specialized in custard pudding. They have a very large menu.

More than a 100 kinds of Hakata’s famous sweets are displayed in this shop.

The side dishes are delicious in this butcher’s shop. Their most popular item is the fried cake of minced meat!

This is a coffee shop, even though its name is “suizokkan” (aquarium). It serves as a cultural space in Fukuoka.


Name:Hakozaki shopping arcade
Address: Fukuoka-shi, Higashi-ku, Hakozaki
Access: close to the subway Hakozaki Miyamae station or the JR Hakozaki station

⑤Ijiri shopping arcade

This shopping arcade is close to the University of Kyushu, and they are enthusiastically doing their best to enliven the city.

※Check:Fukuoka Tenjin Daigaku (http://tenjin-univ.net/report/4134/)

※Check:hipS Shipwebpage (http://hipsship.jp/)

An idol group that is famous in Ijiri : hipS Shi


Name: Ijiri shopping arcade
Address:Fukuoka-shi, Minami-ku, Ijiri
Access:Close to the Nishitetsu Ijiri station or the JT Sasabaru station


Lastly, there are a lot of other little known shopping arcades, and it’s a good thing to go around them in a gourmet tour or a shopping tour.
Have fun in Fukuoka’s shopping arcades!

※NB:The webpage introducing Fukuoka’s shopping arcades :

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