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<Fukuoka Festival "Houjouya">

東区 Higashiku

This time I went together with Vanessa and Arikata to a famous Fukuoka festival called "Houjouya". It is one of the 3 big festivals in Fukuoka every year. The festival stands for "love of life" and "thankfulness for the harvest in autumn"
When we arrived at the festival, we first made it to the Hakozaki-Shrine. The shrine was originally created for the 15th Tenno in Japan and was a popular meeting point for travelers and sailors. The 15th Tenno was a symbol for "war" and "toughness". That's why nowadays many people come to this shrine and pray for good fortune in next the challenge they are in involved in. Vanessa and me also prayed before the shrine. I hope our wishes come true...
After we exit the shrine, we saw a few elder women, who were dancing the famous Hawaii Hula-Dance. It was very funny, so i unconsciously started to laugh. Let's hope the 15th Tenno has not seen anything...
Around 12 a.m. we had lunch at Houjouya. It was the first time for me eating Okonomiyaki and drinking japanese Lemonade. It was so delicious, even now if I think about the taste of it, I'll get hungry!
After the dinner we walked around the festival and participated at various attraction. In my opinion, the most enjoyable one was the last attraction Vanessa and me played, called "Goldfish-catching". For both of us it was the first time, so i thought it would be impossible. At least I couldn't catch one of them, but Vanessa managed to catch 2 Goldfishs! Although I didn't catch one single Goldfish, the lady from the attraction was kind enough to give me 2 Goldfishs as a gift. We took the 4 Goldfishs to SUiTO Fukuoka, where they are happily living ever since!

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